Logo Design Process

Еvery project and every client are unique. Therefore, the points described below are not a mandatory protocol. Not to mention that I am an artist, and prefer to experiment.

1. The Task

Be verbose. I need the sincerity similar to that you provide to a therapist 👀️. Not that I am waiting to be lied, but things like “I have an idea but wont tell you because I am afraid to affect your creativity” are totally unapropriate. 

  • Describe your project.
    Outline vital details about your company, such as what you do and what you hope to accomplish. Name 5 main keywords.

  • Explain the name. What is the origin story and are there any hidden meanings behind?

  • Indicate similar companies.. and comment on their brands.

  • State your own vision. Don,t underestimate own ideas and don’t fear to influence my creativity. If you have an image in your head, then I need to understand why this particular symbol arose before you. 

Working with Intermediary is not always a good idea those Head of the company needs to take part at providing all the information. This helps find the right solution in the shortest possible time and avoid walking the wrong paths. 

2. Deliverables

Discussing of what other then a logo design you are needing.  Most often I provide somethink between this and this


3. The Offer

Now that I got an understanding about the task, I can price it, time it and start forging.

4. Researching

Will create a mood board, a collage of different images that refelect the way I feel/see the potential sollution and discuss it with the client. 

My main task is to pick up the best fitting symbol or combination of symbols that would clearly reflect the essence of the company. Even when creating an abstraction I will rely on a certain visual meaning. For this I will be creating a word map and merge it with the list of the keywords provided by the client, so that we lately can reconsider all these meanins. 

These discussed will provide the information needed to step fordward.

5. Prototyping

Conceptualizing ideas  and executing them digitally  – approximate fonts, unpolished marks. Around 3 concepts in the first pool of ideas will be presented.

Usualy I present the concepts exclusively in a clean and flat way. I find that the logo must look good on its own.  Mockuping is a rare thing to practice but is also possible. 

7. Refining

Keep on discussing the ideas presented and deciding on which direction is better to move on, we refine existing solutions or search for new ones. 

I do not limit the number of iterations, as it is important for me to solve the case. This is why I am not conditioning quantities.

Concepts can be published on a specialised forum where we can get additional constructive feedback. The opinion of third-party designers can make a huge contribution and the client should not fear an early publication of the design,  on the contrary, it is a method to stake out the idea in the cyber space.

8. Completion

When the right solution is found and all the design materials  has been accepted, the client sends the rest of the payment and I release all the agreed files.

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