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I had the pleasure of working with Mark Forge on a number of projects and I am thoroughly impressed with his skills as a graphic artist. Mark has helped me with logos, product design, and branding and I have always been impressed with the quality of his work. He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of color theory, typography, and composition which is evident in the designs he creates. Mark's creativity, professionalism and attention to detail make him an excellent graphic artist and I would highly recommend him for any project.

Koby Lazar
Founder - Eucalyptus Labs
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I can highly recommend Mark, he was extremely professional and produced an end product with efficacy. Asked the right questions at the right time and super responsive. Will be recommending to friends.

Christopher White
Director at Linear Partners
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Mark is an outstanding designer with an excellent eye for detail. I can highly recommend working with him, both for the results and professional process along the way.

Björn Michelsen
Co-Founder & CEO at Nuclino
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Mark is incredibly professional and effective with his process for developing a cohesive brand identity. We contracted Mark to develop a brand logo to be used across various digital platforms and were ultimately amazed at his performance. Mark turned over multiple concepts that exceeded expectations. If you are in need of any design work or would like to add a creative mind to your team, Mark is your guy.

Marc Fishbein
J.D. Candidate
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Mark is an excellent designer who catches the wishes of the customer.

Petr Malyukov
Co-Founder @YOUS and @dTelecom
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Mark really helped me out. I was looking for a good name & logo for my company and he really guided me through the whole process and came up with some great ideas.

Herman Muurlink
Creative & Strategy
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Mark's work has been and continues to be great. He's extremely talented. But the one thing that really stands out to me that separates him is his commitment to his projects. It's rare to see someone go beyond what's expected so frequently. He truly cares about what he does and that makes me, as a client, not only happy with his work but also happy working with him.

Sean Arietta
Founder & CEO at Fraction
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Best of the best! We have been working for a long time, this is one of the first specialists with whom I started working on projects. Having a team at the agency today, I often come for the opinion and ideas to my friend. Thank you for these wonderful times of cooperation!

Vitaly Afanasiev
Art director at @apusagensy
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Amazing logo designs and professional approach from Mark. I would recommend to anybody who sees any branding design work. Thanks for all your work and support for our projects.

Dmitri Kozhevnikov
CEO of Boost Surfing
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Mark is an exceptional artist who helped me in developing several digital brands in terms of naming, logos, brand style, and even website design. He has extremely original creativity and incredible style. Highly recommended!

Anton Axentiuc
CEO, Founder at Monerchy
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Mark is one of those rare designers who can come up with many concepts in the best time possible.
He is highly skilled, professional and always on point. Would definitely keep working together on multiple projects.

Walid Khoury Founder, film producer
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